What Do Mosquitoes Eat?

We all know mosquitoes enjoy snacking on people – especially the sweet ones! But did you know that blood isn’t mosquitoes’ primary diet?

Mosquitoes actually sustain on nectar and honey from flowers, just like most bees and butterflies. Yes, you read that correctly – mosquitoes are pollinators. They play a very important role in the natural ecosystem, helping plants reproduce and therefore providing us with many of the plant products we as people rely on. In fact, there are certain types of orchids that are only pollinated by mosquitoes!

Furthermore, only females consume blood. Both male and female mosquitoes consume nectar to live, but females require an extra boost of protein to reproduce, which is why they drink blood.

So the next time you are bitten by a mosquito, you might feel a little more compassionate knowing that it’s a mama mosquito wanting feed to her family, and that she otherwise is helping to pollinate flowers. You might also want to put on a Mosquitno Band.


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