Mosquito Bites

Do Mosquitoes Have Teeth?

Anopheles mosquito image

You may be relieved to know that mosquitoes do not have teeth! But unfortunately, this doesn’t prevent those pesky mosquitoes from biting you. Mosquitoes have a long tube attached to their mouth, which is designed like a hollow needle called a proboscis. Using their proboscis, mosquitoes are able to pierce your skin and extract your blood, like they were sipping it out of a straw. Consider yourself one, big, mosquito soda fountain! A mosquito’s proboscis has 47 sharp edges on its tip to help it cut through skin and even protective layers of clothing. Perhaps this is where the rumor...
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Top 5 facts you should know about mosquitoes


Top 5 facts you should know about mosquitoes Mosquitoes have a nasty habit of biting us when we are trying to enjoy the great outdoors. But it's not just annoying, mosquitoes can actually be dangerous. Here are the Top 5 facts you should know about mosquitoes before you head out for your next hike and plan for a way to keep them at bay. 1. There are more mosquitoes on this planet than humans. It's probably not surprising that mosquitos outnumber humans. There are 100 trillion tiny buzzing vampires from 3,450 different species ready to suck your blood. To give you an idea...
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