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Don’t Bite Me! Travel Therapy Tip

Mosquitno Ankle Band

By Karen Schaler On my Travel Therapy TV shoots I’m often going to these amazing destinations from tropical paradises to wooded wonders but there’s an ongoing challenge I face, mosquitoes… who just happen to love to bite me. My friends that are with me that don’t get attacked try and humor me by saying it’s because I’m so “sweet”.  Yet, I don’t laugh because besides the usual pain in the…wherever they bite, I’m also allergic, so any bite becomes a REAL pain, not to mention the ugly huge welts. My usual course of action, that I don’t love, is to...
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Mosquitno Bandz Helps Repel Bugs Without Harmful Chemicals

Parent and kid lying together on falling leaves. Happy family outdoor in autumn park. Smiling child is on mother's back.

By Jessica at Mom Fuse Published August 28, 2015 by Mom Fuse There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy fun outdoor activities and having those pesky mosquitoes and other bugs bothering you. Bug sprays can contain chemicals, a horrible odor and can leave residue on skin and clothes. Mosquitno Bandz have come up with a great way to repel those pesky bugs. Mosquitno (pronounced “Mos-keet-NO”) products offer an all-natural, DEET-free and non-toxic alternative to toxic, messy bug sprays. Mosquitno products are all-natural, fun and so easy to use in whatever outdoor activity you love to do. You won’t even notice...
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The 6 Most Common Questions about Mosquitoes? Mosquitno is here with the answers!


Mosquitoes are confusing little creatures. But there is some science behind their madness. Below you will find the 5 most frequently asked questions about mosquitoes, and ways to avoid them (not the questions…the mosquitoes)! 1) Are mosquitoes attracted to water? Yes. Mosquitoes both live in water, and rely on trips to water to eliminate carbon dioxide and inhale a fresh supply of oxygen. Female mosquitoes lay their larvae in pools of water. Those larvae spend their first two stages of life in water. This also means that mosquitoes are attracted to humidity. Eventually, they are attracted to you because when...
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WishTV We Try It: Mosquitno Bands

WishTV Product Review

By Amber Hankins Published on July 10, 2015 by WishTV Love summer but hate worrying about pesky mosquitoes or bug spray?! Here’s something just for you! Mosquitno has created a simple and all natural to stay bug-bite free without the use of sprays that can contain chemicals and leave residues on skin and clothes. Mosquitno Bands are all-natural, non-toxic wristbands made of silicone rubber infused with 100% citronella oil. Each Mosquitno Bands contains enough citronella to effectively repel bugs for up to 120 hours and the bands are waterproof so your sweat won’t wash the citronella away! Read the original article...
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Are Household Bug Sprays Safe for Your Kids?


For many families, bug spray is a common household item. But what exactly is in your bug spray? Are the ingredients safe? Are some ingredients toxic? Which ingredients should I avoid for my kids? What are the long-term effects of using bug spray? These are great questions you should investigate before spraying your kids with insect repellent. Recent research reveals that there are in fact many potentially harmful chemicals in these household bug sprays. Most of us have heard of the chemical DEET, and its potentially harmful effects. But have you heard of pyrethroid insecticides? Insecticide is a chemical that...
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