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Are Household Bug Sprays Safe for Your Kids?


For many families, bug spray is a common household item. But what exactly is in your bug spray? Are the ingredients safe? Are some ingredients toxic? Which ingredients should I avoid for my kids? What are the long-term effects of using bug spray? These are great questions you should investigate before spraying your kids with insect repellent. Recent research reveals that there are in fact many potentially harmful chemicals in these household bug sprays. Most of us have heard of the chemical DEET, and its potentially harmful effects. But have you heard of pyrethroid insecticides? Insecticide is a chemical that...
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Lets face it, as much fun as it is to be outdoors hiking, fishing, gardening, or playing in the back yard, nothing can spoil the fun faster than annoying, biting mosquitoes, flies, gnats or no-see-ums. [caption id="attachment_1320" align="alignright" width="300"] Mosquitno all-natural mosquito repellent[/caption] Like many avid hikers I have my own solution for managing with biting bugs, typically consisting of a headnet and full length lightweight clothing pre-treated with insect repellent. That works extremely well for me, but as a system it falls apart as soon as I go anywhere with my children. I’m personally not comfortable putting pesticides such...
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Why shouldn’t I use DEET?


Why shouldn't I use DEET?   More and more insect repellents are claiming to be DEET free, but what is DEET? And why shouldn't you use it? DEET is a chemical that was developed by the United States Army as an insect repellent in the 1940s. By 1957, it was approved for use by the general public, according to the National Pesticide Information Center. When applied to certain materials, DEET can be damaging, which is concerning as it is approved for use on human skin. DEET can damage rubber, plastic, vinyl, lenses and synthetic fibers.   According to the NPIC,...
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