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6 Ways Mosquitno Can Save the Day this Summer!


Summer Camp You are getting ready to send your kids to summer camp, and your mind is racing with concerns. What if they have trouble making friends? What if they swim into deep water? What if they forget to put on sunscreen or bug spray? Summer camp is an exciting, yet scary, time for you. Mosquitno is here to make the process a little easier. Just pack a week’s worth of Mosquitno Bands and Spotz into their suitcase. While all of their friends are waiting in line to be sprayed, your kids are off having the adventures of a lifetime...
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LIBBY DIX introduces a new way to keep bugs away this summer

Libby Dix Mosquitno

FoxNews Chicago.As warmer weather arrives, you're spending more time outdoors. Unfortunately, the warm-up also means the arrival of mosquito season. Libby Dix has a solution - and it doesn't involve bug spray. Click for Video: LIBBY DIX introduces new way to keep mosquitoes away this summer.