CITYist Review

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There’s little that can dampen our spirits while dancing front row at a kick-ass music festival. Never mind the unsightly bathroom situation or the feeling of our pedicures slowly chipping away as moshers step on our feet – we get to wear sunglasses and straw hats and finally, finally, feel the warmth of the sun again. However, we have yet to see the upside to finding ourselves covered in countless mosquito bites as soon as we exit the venue. Finally, we can sidestep the “ick” factor of bug sprays and inconvenience of citronella candles with Mosquitno’s bug-repelling bracelets. Coated in all-natural citronella oil, the rubber bracelets fend off mosquitoes for up to six days. Read More...

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LIBBY DIX introduces a new way to keep bugs away this summer

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FoxNews Chicago.As warmer weather arrives, you're spending more time outdoors. Unfortunately, the warm-up also means the arrival of mosquito season. Libby Dix has a solution - and it doesn't involve bug spray. Click for Video: LIBBY DIX introduces new way to keep mosquitoes away this summer.