Save Tropical Vacations with Mosquitno Bands

By Monique Barrett

Published on Trazee Travel

Don’t spend your next vacation in the tropics scratching; save yourself from the pain and hassle of bug bites with Mosquitno Bands, non-toxic wristbands that keep bugs at bay.

The product is an all-natural alternative to unpleasant-smelling bug sprays that contain chemicals and leave residue on your skin and clothes. Made of silicone rubber with 100 percent citronella oil, Mosquitno Bandz contain enough citronella to repel bugs from children and adults for up to 150 hours (or a six-day vacation) and is DEET free.

The insect repellant keeps away all kinds of pesky bugs, including mosquitoes, flies, gnats and no-see-ums, ensuring your next adventure outside exploring, camping, enjoying a concert, boating and barbequing will be bug-free.

Made of silicone, the wristbands are also waterproof, allowing wearers to take a dip and work up a sweat without having to worry about becoming the recipient of nasty bug bites after getting out of the water and drying off.

Mosquitno Bandz are available in both adult and children’s sizes in 12 bright colors, including glow-in-the-dark, camouflage and tie-dye. Prices for one band start from $3.99, while five-band value packs cost $17.99. Each package is resealable to preserve effectiveness.

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