Repel Bugs Without Causing a Sticky, Greasy Mess

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Nothing ruins a nice summer day more than a swarm of bugs attacking your skin. Time to break out the bug spray again, right?

If you’re like me, then maybe not. I can’t stand the smell or feeling of greasy, stinky bug spray, so I usually forgo it. It seems like I get bitten whether I wear it or not anyway. Surely there has got to be a better solution than letting the mosquitoes win, though.

Mosquitno Bandz actually do offer an intriguing alternative. The stretchy rubber bracelets are infused with natural citronella oil. Just like pests are put off by the scent of citronella candles and torches, these bands offer wearable protection that doesn’t come in spray form.

The bands don’t last forever, as the scent dissipates after 150 hours of use, or about six days. A smaller version called Mosquitno Spotz, which you can stick to hats, shoes and clothes, lasts about three days. However, the bands can go back into their resealable packages when you aren’t wearing them.

I immediately noticed how strong the bracelet smelled when I put it on, enough that it lingers for a couple hours after you take it off. That scent is what repels bugs and mosquitoes, though. I actually like the smell of citronella, so the scent didn’t bother me, but it might be a little intense for some people.

To be honest, it was difficult to compare the effectiveness of Mosquitno Bandz to standard bug spray. I wore them while walking the dogs and doing yard work, two activities that are bound to involve insects at some point whether you have protection or not. I have a few bites on my arms, but nothing major. I’d like to think that wearing the bracelet helped minimize the amount of bugs that came into contact with me. I also placed a “spot” on my bathroom mirror because mosquitoes always seem to congregate there. I did notice later that they seemed to evacuate the room once it was up.

I really enjoyed this product. I think it’s much better than coating yourself in bug spray, especially for kids. They come in several colors and sizes. The Kansas City-based company also encourages you to mail in your used bands so they can recycle the rubber, which is a nice perk. You can find Mosquitno Bandz at for $3.99 each.


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