Mountain Bike Tales Product Review

Growing up in the deserts of Southern Nevada, or “SoNev” as my terribly awkward high school friends would come to call it once we departed for college, mosquitoes are a non-factor. You’d hear complaints but never really concerned yourself with the art of Mosquito defense, which only took me one summer in Central Texas to realize is a very real thing. Texas summers yield some of the gnarliest mosquitoes I have had the misfortune of encountering, and I am always grateful to have the “Mosquito Magnet” friend in the group at an outdoor event., calling them all away from the rest of us.

When the Mosquinto pest repellent products arrived, we were due for an outdoor concert event on a particularly muggy August day. After a short trial, to say the Mosquitno is effective at repelling mosquitoes and pests alike is an understatement! This thing is wickedly potent and extremely effective. So much so that one person wearing a bracelet kept mosquitoes away from our entire group of 6, as well as repelling those of us in the group with particularly strong senses of smell. The powerful citronella scent can be smelt from a good distance away and it absolutely achieves its purpose, although it can be so powerful it stings the nostrils. Mosquitno repellents come in wrist bracelets, ankle bracelets, and circular stickers for hats, backpacks and bags.

Key features include:
• 3-4 days of lasting effects
• Re-sealable bags with up to 17 days of preservation
• All natural, non-traffic DEET free
• Affordable and usable for the whole family

Not being a mosquito magnet myself I relied upon the opinions of my friends and the reviews were great. They much preferred the simple use of the bracelets and stickers to a spray can full of chemicals. If you are looking for a simple repellent solution for the whole family, this is a non-toxic choice that will please. Slip on a bracelet, enjoy the strong scent of citronella and chill out mosquito free.

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