Mosquitno Bandz Helps Repel Bugs Without Harmful Chemicals

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Published August 28, 2015 by Mom Fuse

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy fun outdoor activities and having those pesky mosquitoes and other bugs bothering you. Bug sprays can contain chemicals, a horrible odor and can leave residue on skin and clothes. Mosquitno Bandz have come up with a great way to repel those pesky bugs.

Mosquitno (pronounced “Mos-keet-NO”) products offer an all-natural, DEET-free and non-toxic alternative to toxic, messy bug sprays. Mosquitno products are all-natural, fun and so easy to use in whatever outdoor activity you love to do. You won’t even notice you’re wearing bug repellent.

Mosquitno Bandz

Mosquitno Bandz are bracelets infused with 15% all natural, citronella oil. This powerful infusing will keep bugs at bay for up to 150 hours and is five times as powerful as the average citronella candle.

These are pretty cool and the kids were excited that they didn’t have to use bug spray.. they could just simply wear a bracelet. So we had a lot more fun with out creative outdoor games.

Not only does Mosquitno Bandz offer wrist bands but they have offer these cool Citronella infused Spotz (stickers) that kids can wear.


They also loved these Mosquitno Bandz stickers. My daughter had a good time choosing which styles to wear and she loves stickers so these were perfect for her.

Mosquitno Bands and Spotz are infused with pleasant-smelling 100% citronella oil, a proven mosquito repellent recognized by the EPA for over 50 years. Citronella works by masking the human scents, primarily carbon dioxide and sweat, that attract mosquitoes, to reduce mosquito landings and the risk of mosquito bites.

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