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Citronella Oil

Mosquitno Bands and Spotz are infused with pleasant-smelling 100% Citronella oil, a proven mosquito repellent recognized by the EPA for over 50 years. Citronella works by masking the human scents, primarily carbon dioxide and sweat, which attract mosquitoes to reduce mosquito landings and the risk of mosquito bites.

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Mosquitno Bands

Bands are designed to last 120 hours! The Citronella oil is infused into the composition of the Band, so they are not oily to touch and leave no residue. They are also non-toxic, DEET-free, easy and fun to wear!


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Spotz are heavy-duty stickers infused with Citronella oil that last about 72 hours for easy, fun, disposable protection. Spotz are perfect to stick to your hat, backback, stroller, or clothing for a little extra protection boost!

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Mosquitno Bands are designed for full-body coverage through our high-quality Citronella oil fragrance for 120 hours. We estimate that our Ankle and Wrist Bands emanate a 4 foot radius of protective scent, and our Spotz have about a 2 foot radius.


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Mosquitno Resealable Package

Our Mosquitno Bands are infused with Citronella oil to diffuse fragrance over 120 hours.  The fragrance isn’t released when the bands are sealed in an air-tight container, which is why we designed our package to be resealabe! So remember: store your Bands in the resealable package when you’re not using it to extend its potency!

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We love spending time in Nature, so we’re doing our part to protect it! Send us 10 used Bands and include this form, and we’ll send you 2 new Bands for free: one to say thank you and one to cover the cost of your shipping!