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By Dan Salcius

As summer is upon us so is the unwelcomed presence of mosquitos and everything that comes along with their bites. This is why the innovative mosquito repellent specialists at Mosquitno have introduced all-natural repellent Bandz and Spotz for both children and adults. Without the use of toxic and messy chemicals these products are safe and fun to use for the entire family. Both the Bandz and Spotz use citronella oil which has been tested and approved by the EPA for the past 50 years. Surprisingly we enjoyed the smell of these products and were not irritated in any way.


The Mosquitno Bandz are available in resealable packaging and are effective for up to 6 days of use. Since it’s the odor that deters the unwanted intruders you can use your smell to determine when it’s time to order a new band. Not only did were they effective but also fun to wear with color options ranging from camouflage and tie die to glow in the dark. Both the adult and children sized bandz fit a wide array of wrist sizes as they easily stretch and contour to form.

The Mosquitno Spotz or simply stickers infused with citronella, come in five different themes. These unique repellent solutions work on hats, socks, backpacks and clothing as a second source of protection during your outdoor adventures. Each sticker will repel for 72 hours and when paired with a band serve as a very effective force against mosquitos.



A couple of our gear testers used both the Bandz and Spotz on an evening hike through a regional park that offers dense vegetation as well as slow moving creeks. Even during a dry Southern California spring mosquitos have found a place to call home. All kidding aside as soon as we found a small pond to photograph the local wild life I was bitten on the leg by a mosquito and instantly ripped open the Mosquitno packages to apply a spot to my backpack and band to my wrist as my partner followed. Given the nature of photography we found ourselves stationary for over an hour and were pleasantly surprised at how effective these products were. With this review being created a day after the event I can honestly state that neither of us received any other bites, not one! These solutions are also great for kids as there are no chemicals that can irritate the skin even when paired with sweat. For light adventures and outdoor excursions we highly recommend the Mosquitno line of products and are confident that the entire family will have fun without the concern for bites.

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