Don’t Bite Me! Travel Therapy Tip

By Karen Schaler

On my Travel Therapy TV shoots I’m often going to these amazing destinations from tropical paradises to wooded wonders but there’s an ongoing challenge I face, mosquitoes… who just happen to love to bite me. My friends that are with me that don’t get attacked try and humor me by saying it’s because I’m so “sweet”.  Yet, I don’t laugh because besides the usual pain in the…wherever they bite, I’m also allergic, so any bite becomes a REAL pain, not to mention the ugly huge welts.

My usual course of action, that I don’t love, is to douse myself from morning to night in the strongest bug spray I can find. Of course all natural bug sprays have never worked, so my only choice has been the hard core spray filled with all those chemicals I’d rather avoid. But, I tell myself what’s worse, the spray or the allergy and agony, so I’ve gone with the spray.

So I was excited when the folks at Mosquitno reached out asking if I wanted to try their new innovative all natural repellent solutions. Sure, I said, I’ll try anything and I was heading to do some hiking in mosquito country so it was perfect timing.

I tried two things Mosquinto has, the citronella infused rubber wrist band ( in some pretty colors)  lasting up to six days or 150 hours and these really cool re-usable citronella infused stickers called Spotz, six to a pack, that last for three days up to 72-hours. Now the really great part how affordable they are, just $3.99!

What I really liked about the stickers was that I could put them by my ankles where the pesky mosquitoes always seem to have a great time biting me or other specific places to have that extra protection close by.

Did they work? I didn’t get bit that day so I would say it was a success!

The only thing I would suggest is that once you get back in the car or inside away from the mosquitoes , you might want to take the bracelet and stickers off, as the smell can get very strong. Of course that’s the smell that’s keeping the mosquitoes away so it’s a good thing…but if you’re inside and don’t need the protection take them off and save them for another time.

I still want to try them out again when I know there are a lot of mosquitoes around when I go to some of my Caribbean destinations as that will be the true test but I have high hopes that I’ve found an affordable, healthier solution to fighting my mosquito problem.

Kudos to Mosquitno for coming up with another alternative to try!

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