Save Tropical Vacations with Mosquitno Bands


By Monique Barrett Published on Trazee Travel Don’t spend your next vacation in the tropics scratching; save yourself from the pain and hassle of bug bites with Mosquitno Bands, non-toxic wristbands that keep bugs at bay. The product is an all-natural alternative to unpleasant-smelling bug sprays that contain chemicals and leave residue on your skin and clothes. Made of silicone rubber with 100 percent citronella oil, Mosquitno Bandz contain enough citronella to repel bugs from children and adults for up to 150 hours (or a six-day vacation) and is DEET free. The insect repellant keeps away all kinds of pesky bugs,...
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Repel Bugs Without Causing a Sticky, Greasy Mess

Mosquitno Band at Camp

By Brooke Wilson Published at St. Joseph News-Press Nothing ruins a nice summer day more than a swarm of bugs attacking your skin. Time to break out the bug spray again, right? If you’re like me, then maybe not. I can’t stand the smell or feeling of greasy, stinky bug spray, so I usually forgo it. It seems like I get bitten whether I wear it or not anyway. Surely there has got to be a better solution than letting the mosquitoes win, though. Mosquitno Bandz actually do offer an intriguing alternative. The stretchy rubber bracelets are infused with natural...
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Mountain Bike Tales Product Review


Growing up in the deserts of Southern Nevada, or “SoNev” as my terribly awkward high school friends would come to call it once we departed for college, mosquitoes are a non-factor. You’d hear complaints but never really concerned yourself with the art of Mosquito defense, which only took me one summer in Central Texas to realize is a very real thing. Texas summers yield some of the gnarliest mosquitoes I have had the misfortune of encountering, and I am always grateful to have the “Mosquito Magnet” friend in the group at an outdoor event., calling them all away from the...
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All Natural Bug Protection from Mosquitno

Travel Review of Mosquitno Bands

By Sue Reddel Do you or does someone you know struggle with mosquitos? Looking for something that won’t kill you or the environment? Tired of using chemicals and sticky sprays?  We’ve got a suggestion for you. All Natural Protection from Mosquitno. Disclosure: The makers of Mosquitno provided samples of their products for us to test. We were not financially compensated and the opinions expressed here are based our own experience. When we travel one of the first things we check out is: will there be mosquitos? Diana, our fearless co-founder, is highly allergic to mosquitoes. When she gets a bite it...
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Don’t Bite Me! Travel Therapy Tip

Mosquitno Ankle Band

By Karen Schaler On my Travel Therapy TV shoots I’m often going to these amazing destinations from tropical paradises to wooded wonders but there’s an ongoing challenge I face, mosquitoes… who just happen to love to bite me. My friends that are with me that don’t get attacked try and humor me by saying it’s because I’m so “sweet”.  Yet, I don’t laugh because besides the usual pain in the…wherever they bite, I’m also allergic, so any bite becomes a REAL pain, not to mention the ugly huge welts. My usual course of action, that I don’t love, is to...
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