About Us

Hi! We're Mosquitno


We are passionate about supporting your love for the outdoors—naturally bug-free!

We know that nothing can ruin outdoor fun faster than annoying, biting mosquitoes, flies, gnats or no-see-ums. Whether you love gardening, hiking, hunting, golfing, fishing, canoeing, BBQing, playing in the park, taking walks or sitting still in nature, we’re here to help you and your family enjoy your favorite activities.

As health-conscious nature-lovers, we wanted a nontoxic repellent that wasn’t harmful to ourselves—especially our children. Thus, we set out to find a natural yet effective bug repellent. Mosquitno launched in 2009 with our international partners, featuring our all-natural, non-toxic mosquito repellent bracelets, and has since expanded to include Ankle Bands and Spotz. We are proud to be developing botanical products that effectively reduce mosquito landings and the risk of mosquito bites.

Giving Back

While we focus on creating products made from nature’s best mosquito repellent—naturally effective citronella oil—we also have a goal of supporting organizations that promote education of and appreciation of the outdoors. We do our part to support groups like Camp Ogichi Daa Kwe and Camp Kooch-i-ching in Minnesota, and UNICEF. Collectively, Mosquitno gives UNICEF 10 percent of all our profits.

After all, mosquitoes aren’t just annoying. They also can spread deadly diseases and illnesses, like West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever and Malaria. With your purchase you’re helping us support generous organizations that care for children at greatest risk.