4 Perfect Times to Use Mosquitno

Our families hated the stinky smell, oily feel, and time consuming application of the common insect repellent products on the market. We wanted a solution that was easy, fun, and fashionable to wear while also being effective. Mosquitno Bands and Mosquitno Spotz ended up being the perfect solution!

If you are new to Mosquitno or looking to get the most out of your Mosquitno products, here are some of our favorite ways to wear and enjoy Mosquitno!

Backyard Entertaining: Nothing is better than a backyard BBQ on a perfect summer day…but nothing is worse than getting bug spray in your potato salad! We love using Mosquitno bands at our backyard gatherings as a safe but spray free alternative to your typical bug spray solutions! If we have guests over, we set out a basket of various Mosquitno Bands so that guests can pick their favorite band and enjoy the evening bite-free!

Golfing: If you spend a lot of time kicking around in the rough to find your ball, you’re likely to find a few mosquitoes as well. Many of the bug sprays and lotions are sticky or greasy, and not enjoyable to wear. We prefer to stick a few Mosquitno Spotz on our golf hats or socks for easy mosquito repellent that doesn’t interfere with our grip or swing!

Outdoor Wedding: Spring and summer are the perfect times for outdoor weddings – and the mosquitoes couldn’t agree more! The problem with bug sprays and lotions at these events is that they often smell terrible and can get on your wedding outfit. Pastel colored Mosquitno Bands or discreetly placed Spotz can provide you the mosquito prevention you need without the gross smells and greasy products. Have an outdoor wedding coming up this summer? Mosquitno can create a customized package with monogram wedding logo just for your weddings guests! E-mail info@mosquitnoband.com for more information.

Summer Camp: Many kids make the annual trek out to summer camps to enjoy brush up on their camp songs, canoeing skills, and to give mom and dad a break! No kid wants to be chewed up by bugs while they are stomping around camp, but it’s important to minimize their exposure to toxic chemicals typically found in most bug sprays. Mosquitno Bands are easy to slip on, safe for kids, and fun to wear – especially our Glow-In-The-Dark bands when you’re out under the stars!


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